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Dr Zubin Marolia B.H.M.S (Bom), PGR(Switz)

Dr Zubin Marolia B.H.M.S (Bom), PGR(Switz)

Lecture Title:

The Wonder of Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer

Learning Objectives

  1. Immuno-modulatory properties of Mistletoe Therapy
  2. Basics of Adjuvant Mistletoe Therapy to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy
  3. Palliative care with Mistletoe

Presentation Abstract

In today’s day and age when future cancer therapies involving cutting edge science is being spoken about, it is time we also start considering ancient medicine wisdom. The Mistletoe plant has been used in traditional healing therapies in central Europe for centuries.

A parasitic evergreen plant living on host trees, the mistletoe finds its roots in Anthroposophical medicine which believes in having deeper insights into the care of the whole human being – the whole person.

Cancer is not only to be thought of as an unlimited multiplication of cells but is the result of a decades-long process that disrupted the ‘’rhythmic balance’’ in multiple organ systems. This includes metabolism, nervous system, endocrine & immune systems as well as the patients emotional & spiritual state. Mistletoe helps to assist the patient in restoring the ‘’Sense of Rhythm’’ and coherence within the body’s regulatory systems.

The reductionistic paradigm rests on the hypothesis that every living organism is “nothing but” physical and chemical reactions and can be fully explained by interactions of its parts, while the holistic paradigm implies that the whole of a living organism is “more than” the sum of its constituent parts.

The holistic nature of mistletoe therapy is reflected in the plant’s multitude of phytonutrients. The whole plant extract is used as the diverse compounds work in synergy on multiple body systems. They activate the immune cells, damage tumour cells, and enhance mood. Collectively they support the patient’s quality of life during conventional treatments.

Mistletoe extracts alter multiple immune system activities resulting in a net effect that is considered immunomodulatory. It neither over stimulates nor suppresses the immune system, instead helps the immune system work in a balanced efficient way.

Anti-cancer effects of mistletoe are:

  1. Inducing apoptosis
  2. Limiting metastasis
  3. Repair and stabilisation of DNA

Mistletoe’s full cascade of effects on the innate immune system include:

  1. Increase in all WBCs
  2. Improved anti tumoral efficacy of Macrophages and Monocytes
  3. Increased NK cell formation in the bone marrow and increased NK cell activity and cytotoxicity.


Speaker Bio

Dr Zubin Marolia is a renowned Homeopathic Physician and a certified practitioner of Mistletoe Therapy, practicing in the city of Mumbai for the past 30 years.

His vision to expand his horizon in the field of integrative oncology has led him to work alongside prominent doctors from across the globe.

Dr Marolia was invited as a Clinical Observer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York and to deliver a lecture at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (U.S.A).

He has worked in close collaboration with the Klinik Arlesheim (Switzerland), Helixor Heilmittel (Germany), Filderklinik (Germany), and the Medical University of Vienna.

He has had the distinction of delivering four consecutive presentations at the Integrated Medicine Meeting (Helixor, Germany).

Dr Marolia was also a speaker at The Truth About Cancer [LIVE] event (Anaheim, U.S.A), a global project, that documented alternative approaches to treating cancer, which reached more than 50,000 people around the world.

His emotional connection with his patients and investment in their lives is the secret of his success in ensuring maximum patient welfare.