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Founder’s Lettter

Lior Sher, Founder VCICI

My name is Lior Sher, and I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vitamin C International Consortium Institute – VCICI.

As a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and holder of many patents, I founded and developed several organizations in the bio-medical sector. After launching PUR-C, the manufacturer and distributor of a line of Ascorbate (Vitamin C) products, it became apparent that most professional providers had very little, or no understanding of Vitamin C therapies.  Rampant misinformation was being promoted by various sources in blatant disregard for the wealth of evidence-based science, which in my opinion, was being deliberately covered up for decades.

As an attorney, I am trained to identify issues, and provide logical solutions. I recognized early on that a fundamental change was necessary to bring to light a more transparent and fact-based understanding of this critical therapy which had been marginalized for many years.

The genesis of my epiphany came when I personally witnessed the difference that high dose Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C therapy made in my husband’s quality of life.  I witnessed firsthand how this this vital treatment provided him with a significant life extension beyond the so called “experts” expectations. This allowed us to spend quality time together for several years beyond the prognosis he initially received from his colleagues and allopathic oncologists.  Sadly, after a long battle with one of the rarest and most aggressive forms of cancer, my better half, my best friend, and my soulmate, lost his battle.  

It took everything in my being to come back into the “living zone” without my better half.  We were one …and now… I had to learn how to walk with only half a body. It was from that very personal Armageddon that I became more determined than ever to shift this paradigm and empower other medical providers and patients with this much needed knowledge.  

I started VCICI with a simple mission: Help integrative healthcare professionals, biological dentists, and patients, both in the human and animal sectors, to recognize the importance of targeted and individualized therapeutic applications of Vitamin C.  Every day we receive feedback from providers and their patients as to how our educational platforms have improved, and in their words… saved lives!

No, Vitamin C is not just about “oranges or lemons”, it is in fact essential to every organ in our body.  Therapeutic orthomolecular applications of professional grade Vitamin C are not just about meeting our basic nutritional needs, but instead about transforming the way we treat the onslaught of daily diseases we face as a modern society.

This is our mission – and it is personal – Patients Over Profits!

We are about an individualized, targeted, complementary, and integrative approach to medicine and healthcare, which we feel should be every patient’s choice!

While the VCICI website focuses on in person conferences and online webinars, we bring a unique and one-of-a-kind approach to what many do not know or understand.  We dispel myths, clarify misconceptions, and provide evidence-based facts.

While the cynics and the “Powers that Be” endeavor to discredit us, we are more determined than ever to push the status-quo to the – Powers that C!

I did not choose this path, it chose me. While life has thrown rotten lemons at me more times than I care to mention, I remain resolute to continue to make the sweetest lemonade possible!

The reason we do what we do is because we genuinely believe in both science and evidence-based-medicine, as well as the Hippocratic Oath – First Do No Harm. Many of us have witnessed firsthand how this natural and safe approach delivers optimal clinical results when it is properly applied either as supportive therapy to conventional treatments, or as a stand-alone intervention.

VCICI’s team includes leading multi-disciplinary integrative healthcare providers and scientists who are on the forefront of medicine and are experts in their respective fields.  They are committed to the research, education, and advancement of Vitamin C therapies despite the attacks, ridicule, or dismissal of such by the “establishment”.  They volunteer their time and effort to empower others to think independently and target their protocols to each patient, rather than apply a one-size-fits all approach. 

We make sure our members understand:  1) the various forms of Vitamin C, 2) the difference between antioxidant and pro-oxidant therapies, 3) various protocols and applications, 4) optimal dosing, 5) proper and accurate testing, 6) frequency and rate of administration, 7) the treatment duration, and 8) the long-term maintenance plan, and much more.  We teach how and why rather than simply providing basic answers

We educate, demonstrate, support, share, deliver, and empower our members to provide the best care to their patients and enable them with in-depth knowledge, and understanding of both the mechanisms of actions, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics.

Furthermore, we believe that we must bring value to our providers not only on the medical front, but also must ensure that our members have the latest legal information required for their practices.  Therefore, we invite leading legal experts in healthcare law to share the latest regulatory guidelines and essential Informed Consent requirements with our members and attendees.  In addition, our members benefit from complimentary webinars, library resources, and are offered discounted services and fees from various vendors.

VCICI believes that integrative healthcare professionals and their patients should have access and training to all synergistic adjunct therapies.  Thus, we support adjunctive and complimentary therapies to enhance clinical outcomes, and we empower patients to make intelligent, informed, and autonomous decisions as it relates to their healthcare.
In fact, we invite patients and their loved ones to our Annual C-MPOSIUM to learn more about integrative medicine, biological dentistry, and meet and mingle with our experts. 

At VCICI, we believe that knowledge is power, we promote transparency and truth, we share our protocols, practical applications, we encourage professional and polite scientific debates both at our conferences and our digital forums, we answer questions, and we invite everyone to join us to learn, discover and evolve! We do all this to further our purpose – Patients Over Profits”.

Lastly, although we are a compilation of scientists, physicians, dentists, and lawyers, we remember that we all must live every day to the fullest!  Therefore, we decided that there is no better place to gather, learn, collaborate, celebrate, and conduct our annual conference ­– C-MPOSIUM – than the number one beach town in the US – Clearwater Beach, Florida!

Please join us at our annual conference to meet, greet, mingle, learn, discover, empower, and thrive!


Lior Sher, JD
VCICI Founder & Executive Director