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Lior Sher, JD, Founder and CEO of VCICI and PUR-C “Critical C – Vitamin C History, Facts, and Orthomolecular Protocols – From the 1700’s to 2022”

Nathan Goodyear, MD, MD(H), ABAARM, FMNM “Vitamin C in Cancer, Back to the Basics, to Infinity, and to the Scientific Beyond” and “Vitamin C: Beyond the Direct Treatment of Cancer, Surgery, Infection, Lyme, Autoimmune Disease, and Chelation”

Paul Marik, MD “Vitamin C: An Essential Hormone”

Jorge Miranda, BS Biol, BS Pharm, PharmD “Orthomolecular Update of Vitamin C: Dynamics, Kinetics, and Guidelines”

Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus #2 [SARS0CoV-2] Gain-of-Function Research & What We Currently Know About the Vaccines”

Pierre Kory, MD, MPA “Critical Timeliness of Vitamin C Therapy and the Clinical Efficacy in the Treatment of Acute Conditions”

Marlene Siegel, DVM “Intravenous PhotoDynamic Therapy and Vitamin C as Part of a Cancer Protocol”

Jeff Cohen, JD and Chase Howard, JD “A Legal Look at Vitamin C Therapy: How Providers Can Stay Safe”

Joseph Mercola, DO: “Adjunctive Therapies to Improve Responses from Vitamin C”

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