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About Us

Welcome to the Vitamin C Institute for Clinical Integration (VCICI), your premier international institute dedicated to advancing the field of Vitamin C therapies and clinical integration.

At VCICI, we are committed to advancing Vitamin C therapies and promoting optimal health and wellness across various sectors, including integrative oncology, functional and regenerative medicine, mental health, addiction, trauma, infectious disease, wound healing, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, chronic and acute conditions, pain management, surgical centers, dental, veterinarian practices, and others. Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of interdisciplinary and interprofessional experts, including highly skilled medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, and healthcare professionals from various backgrounds, to promote research, provide resources, and facilitate the expansion of the original Klenner/Cathcart protocols for high-dose Vitamin C therapy. Through educational platforms and training opportunities, we aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, ultimately improving the care of immunocompromised patients with chronic and acute conditions.

With a focus on sharing case studies, fostering collaboration, and promoting innovation, VCICI serves as a hub for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize patient outcomes through evidence-based Vitamin C therapies. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, VCICI offers a supportive community and valuable resources to help you stay informed and elevate your practice.

Join us in our mission to transform healthcare through clinical integration and Vitamin C therapies. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of patients worldwide.

2022 VCICI Annual Conference in Clearwater Beach

Mission Statement

At VCICI, our mission is to advance integrative healthcare and optimize patient outcomes through education, research, and collaboration. We focus on promoting the use of Vitamin C therapies to address complex medical conditions, augment cancer care, facilitate infectious disease resolution, mitigate pain, enhance clinical outcomes, boost the immune system, reduce oxidative stress, maintain redox balance, accelerate healing, improve mental health, and support addiction recovery processes, among others.

With a commitment to disseminating the latest scientific evidence and information to healthcare providers and the general public, we strive to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

At VCICI, we welcome healthcare professionals from various disciplines to join us in our mission to advance integrative healthcare and promote holistic well-being. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide.


The vision of VCICI is to pioneer the seamless integration of allopathic medicine and alternative holistic treatment modalities, fostering a healthcare landscape where patients receive the safest, most clinically effective, and affordable care. Our goal is to democratize evidence-based complementary and integrative healthcare, ensuring its accessibility and integration into standard medical practices worldwide. Through our efforts, we aspire to redefine the future of healthcare, where patients receive comprehensive, personalized care that addresses their holistic well-being.