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Dr. William Pawluk

Dr. William Pawluk, MD

Lecture Title:

The role of magnetic fields (PEMFs) in the management of Cancer

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Mechanism of PEMFs in Cancer Treatment: Attendees will be able to explain the basic principles and biological effects of PEMF therapy, how PEMFs interact with cellular function impacting cancer cells. They will learn the scientific concepts behind PEMFs for cancer and its potential to influence cell proliferation, apoptosis, and metastases.
  2. Assessing the Current Research and Clinical Trials: Attendees will be able to identify, review, and assess the current and relevant scientific research and clinical trials, related to the use of PEMFs in cancer treatment.
  3. Understanding available PEMF technology: Attendees will learn how to assess the equipment parameters to consider in selecting and using PEMF therapy equipment in the clinical setting.


The scientifically validated use of pulsed electric magnetic fields (PEMF’s) in healthcare dates to at least the 1970s. Since then, there have been thousands of studies on the use of PEMF’s for various healthcare applications. An aspect of the use of magnetic fields in medicine has become ubiquitous, specifically, the diagnostic use of magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]. The use of PEMFs as therapies has gained ground with the FDA approval of several devices for specific applications. One of these applications, Tumor Treating Fields (TTFs) , have been approved for the management of cancer, that is, treatment resistant glioblastoma. And, the research on the use of this technology for many applications, beyond cancer, is growing rapidly. Meanwhile the database of research on the use of magnetic fields has exploded in evaluating biological mechanisms of action. Other than for the FDA approved equipment, clinical studies on the use of PEMF’s, across many healthcare disciplines, including for cancer, has lagged way behind. The existing data shows a major potential value for PEMF therapies in the treatment of cancers. These include probable use for prevention, as alternative, complementary and/or integrative to conventional care, adjunctive and complementary to nutritional, functional/holistic medicine-based care and for general health support. This presentation will describe the physiologic actions of PEMF therapy, basic science evidence for the use of PEMFs specific to cancer, and some of the results of the limited numbers of clinical human studies.


William Pawluk, MD, MSc is a holistic doctor near Baltimore, MD. Previous academic positions at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. Training: acupuncture, nutrition, herbals, energy medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis, bodywork, and multiple other therapies. Considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy in North America. Interested in holistic pain management.
Dr. Pawluk has worked with magnetic field therapies for 30 years and established an authoritative website He has authored 2 comprehensive books on healing with magnetic fields called “Power Tools for Health” and this year “Supercharge Your health with PEMF Therapy.” The supercharge your health book describes how PEMFs can be used for over 80 different health conditions, how to select a PEMF system to help and how to use it properly to get the best benefits. This work is supported by over 500 scientific references and is the most authoritative, yet readable, and unbiased book on the topic available to date. To help promote healing with PEMFs, he has done well over 50 radio, podcast, magazine, and TV interviews combined. He has also been a cohost of a 2-hour holistic health radio show in Baltimore for 10 years. Podcast interviews have included Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Ben Greenfield. Radio interviews included a 2-hour session on Coast-to-Coast.