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David Hirshfield

David Hirshfeld, JD

Lecture Title

Informed Consent in Your Practice: How to Obtain it; Where providers fall short; and the Legal implications.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning key elements to include in your informed consents
  2. How to verifying identity of patients
  3. Principles of informed consent
  4. Exceptions to informed consent
  5. How informed consent works across multiple providers
  6. How often to obtain informed consent


Our presentation will provide attendees with a detailed discussion of the principles of informed consent for healthcare treatment in various clinical settings, how to properly obtain informed consent and how informed consent can work in your favor. 


Health care delivery and finance is a rare and vital intersection of capitalism and social policy. That’s where I’ve hung my shingle for the past 25 years. When I assist a client to harness market forces and deliver necessary health care to people in need in an economically efficient manner . . . that’s what inspires me as an advisor.