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Eric Zaremski


  1. Published Literature on VC and Oral Health 
  2. Mouth and Body Connection – Local or Systemic Disease 
  3. Clinical applications of Vitamin C in dentistry
  4. Why patients prefer Sodium Ascorbate
  5. Monotherapy or Combination approach – Vitamin C, Ozone Exosome 
  6. Regenerative Dentistry- how to reduce the amputation of oral tissues
  7. Case studies 


Dr. Eric Zaremski, DDS, has a holistic and integrative dental practice in Northern California. He graduated from University of the Pacific/ Dugoni School of Dentistry in 1999. He has been using alternative therapies in his clinical practice for the last 15 years. He uses ozone to help heal tissues faster and reduce the pathogen load in the mouth. Peptides and exosomes can help regenerate tissues that have been destroyed by disease.

He has published three collaborative papers on dentistry and ozone therapies. He helped contribute to a book on lasers in dentistry while still in dental school. He teaches other dentists and dental personnel how to incorporate ozone therapies and other alternative therapies into their practices. He has lectured both nationally and internationally in six countries. He has led dental mission trips to both Belize and Peru for multiple years.

He is on the board of numerous organizations including the Holistic Dental Association (chair of the speaker/conferences committee), the International Association of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (chair of the ozone committee), board member of Children’s Health Defense (CA chapter). He is CEO of Ozentials, a company focused on ozonated consumer products along with facial products containing peptides and exosomes. He supplies ozone equipment to both dental offices and consumers.