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Chase Howard

Chase Howard, JD

Recommended Audience:
Physicians, dentists, veterinarians, medical practice administrators, hospital chiefs of staff, hospital administrators, senior administrators and board members of private and public sector healthcare businesses as well as medical students, residents and consumer/patient advocates.

Lecture Title

Informed Consent in Your Practice: How to Obtain it; Where providers fall short; and the Legal implications.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning key elements to include in your informed consents
  2. How to verifying identity of patients
  3. Principles of informed consent
  4. Exceptions to informed consent
  5. How informed consent works across multiple providers
  6. How often to obtain informed consent


Our presentation will provide attendees with a detailed discussion of the principles of informed consent for healthcare treatment in various clinical settings, how to properly obtain informed consent and how informed consent can work in your favor. 


Chase Howard has focused his legal practice on the business legal matters that affect healthcare business owners and providers. He deploys crucial skills gained through hands-on business experience in the business world to service clientele such as:
Medical Spas
Medical Practices
Healthcare Business Startups

Chase graduated from the University of Miami School of Law and is admitted to Practice in Florida and all Florida State Courts.