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Oral Vitamin C for Viral Or Bacterial Infections and Daily Immune System Optimization

As Thanksgiving Holiday 2020 approaches it is once again the official time for gratitude!

However, we should start every single morning with reflection, foresight, and gratitude, after all, we are here and have survived one of the most tumultuous and challenging years in history, with a raging world Pandemic, the Presidential Election, and the continuing global geopolitical unrest.

Now, more than ever we must focus on health, as without it there is no happiness. 
The time is now to both nurture the soul and optimize the performance of the temple, to go from just living to thriving!
Make sure to implement whole foods, organic and Non-GMO nutrition, regular exercise, and of course supplementation into your lifestyle!

During this season it is important to educate your patients regarding the importance of Vitamin C supplementation to boost up the immune system.   
We are continuing to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from both patients and practices who promote regular Oral PUR-C protocol.  

For those who had missed our previous newsletter, please note the pertinent information regarding daily intake of Vitamin C below:

Dr. Shiva discusses immune system, and the mechanism of action of Vitamin C therapy on COVID-19 and other viral or bacterial infections.

Numerous controlled trials, vitamin C has improved endothelial function, lowered blood pressure, increased left ventricular ejection fraction, decreased the incidence of atrial fibrillation, decreased bronchoconstriction, prevented pain, shortened the duration of colds, and decreased the incidence of colds in physically stressed people, and it may also have beneficial effects against pneumonia.

Furthermore, many patients and providers who have been using oral dietary supplement Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C, PUR-C, for various viral and bacterial infectious – from Corona virus, flu, cold, shingles and UTI, continue to share their positive outcome, as most symptoms were significantly reduced or eliminated within hours.

Please read our latest feedback from a patient who contracted COVID-19 in the recent weeks while attending a large family gathering:
“We are happy to share our experience using PUR-C!
My wife and I came down with COVID-19 a month and a half ago. We felt exhausted and our immune systems were depleted. We took a teaspoon of PUR-C in water 4-5 times a day, and really started to notice a difference! We felt PUR-C really helped boost our immune system, which was a big help with our recovery.  After feeling much better, we stopped taking PUR-C for a few days. We started to notice our immune system was starting to weaken and felt much less energetic than when we were taking PUR-C regularly. We started back on a maintenance dosage of 2 teaspoons twice daily and have felt much better again in no time.
We are incredibly grateful for PUR-C and its great immune support benefits!
Thank You!
The Christensens”