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Who Are VCICI Members?

VCICI is an interdisciplinary and interprofessional organization.  Our members are healthcare providers from both the allopathic (Conventional) and integrative medicine (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) sectors. Many of our members are also Biological, Natural and Holistic Dentists, as well as Holistic Veterinarians.  

In addition, the Patient Place Platform is a venue for the general public to learn, discover and connect with like-minded individuals seeking answers on the topics such as the use of a therapeutic high dose of Vitamin C, IPT, Mistletoe, Oxygen therapies, and others.  

Members find VCICI to be an invaluable resource to locate qualified and highly trained integrative providers and holistic oncologists in their area.

Healthcare Professionals:

VCICI healthcare professional members include top-tier scientists and clinicians recognized as leaders in integrative oncology, and providers from various disciplines such as environmental medicine, functional and regenerative medicine, anti-aging medicine, pain management, drug and alcohol addiction and recovery treatment facilities, holistic pediatricians, IV nutrition centers, and many others. 

Many of our interdisciplinary healthcare members are nutritionists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, specialists in IV nutrition and IV hydration, chelation therapists, and herbalists.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Complimentary Access to Cutting Edge Webinars and Podcasts
  2. Complimentary Access to Vitamin C Library
  3. Listing in the VCICI Member Directory
  4. Private Forum: Interact with Other Providers and VCICI’s Scientific Advisory Board Members
  5. Purchase Past Conference Links. Members Receive a Discount
  6. Free 1 Hour Legal Consult with the Leading Healthcare Law Firm in Florida
  7. E-Newsletters
  8. Gain Support Through Research, Education, and Professional, Public, Regulatory, and Scientific Outreach