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What is Vitamin C and Why Do We Need It?

In this episode: Everything you wanted to know about Vitamin C. My guest is Lior Sher who is an attorney by training, and an inventor who holds multiple patents in the biomedical sector. She is a passionate patient advocate, and an accomplished public speaker who is recognized as a leading authority on Vitamin C therapies.

She has produced numerous investigative reports on alternative news channels focusing on exposing truth and transparency in integrative healthcare.  Her goal has always been to provide a deeper understanding of High Dose Vitamin C Therapies for acute and chronic conditions.  For more information go to:

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Speaker Information:

Lior Sher, JD is the Founder and Executive Director of Vitamin C International Consortium Institute,a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the much-needed research and education on critical Vitamin C therapies. Lior is also the founder and co-developer of PUR-C, a leading brand of ultra-pure and premium grade Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C products sold exclusively to healthcare professionals worldwide. Ms. Sher lectures and presents at various integrative healthcare conferences where she shares her expertise, findings, and insights, consulting healthcare providers on High Dose Vitamin C Therapies. Lior educates healthcare professionals and the public on the endless positive attribut