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The Science and Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin Health + More

Episode Description

In this episode of the Biohacking Beauty podcast, host Amitay, co-founder of Young Goose, is joined by Lior Sher, founder and CEO of Vitamin C International Consortium Institute (VCICI). We dive deep into what vitamin C is, the significant differences between ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, the lesser-known benefits of Vitamin C, along with its potential in treating both acute and chronic infections and diseases, and its role in skin health and overall health.

Speaker Information:

Lior Sher, JD is the Founder and Executive Director of Vitamin C International Consortium Institute (VCICI) a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of healthcare professionals and their patients on critical Vitamin C therapies and applications designed to improve clinical results in infectious diseases, chronic conditions, surgeries, trauma recovery, and oral health. Ms. Sher is also the Founder of PUR-C, the developer of the leading brand of the purest medical grade Sodium Ascorbate (Ascorbate) products sold exclusively to healthcare professionals.

Ms. Sher has innovated Ascorbate treatment protocols, and lectures extensively on antioxidant and prooxidant Vitamin C therapies in integrative, functional, and regenerative medicine, biological dentistry, and the veterinary health sectors.   

She is an attorney by training, and an inventor holding multiple patents in the biomedical sector. She founded and led several medical/bio-technology start-ups as their Chairperson, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

 Ms. Sher is a frequent public speaker recognized as a leading authority on Vitamin C therapies. She often presents at healthcare conferences, medical and dental schools, conducts training webinars, podcasts, and formulates CME/CE certified course work. Her presentations focus on Vitamin C therapies and applications designed to mitigate and resolve viral and bacterial burdens, rebalance the immune system to support adjunct conventional treatments, improve oral hygiene, accelerate wound healing after trauma or surgeries, and optimize clinical outcomes of regenerative procedures.

Ms. Sher works closely with various Federal and State regulatory agencies and legal experts to add value to the practices of healthcare professionals and their patients worldwide. She is relentless in her resolve to educate providers and the public on the endless attributes, functions, and roles of Ascorbate in medicine, and offers practical applications for oral and systemic health. Her work focuses on the improvement of patient satisfaction, patient compliance, and optimization of clinical efficacy.

VCICI annual conferences have been a resounding success featuring world renowned scientists and practitioners presenting on topics such as the therapeutic applications of Vitamin C designed to combat infectious diseases from Sepsis to COVID, as well as chronic conditions such as Cancer. The speakers focused on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and the use of Ascorbate to mitigate ROS, hyperinflammation and NETs formation. The focus was also on the use of Vitamin C to promote tissue and bone healing, risk mitigation of post-operative secondary infections, Hypovitaminosis C, and the maintenance of optimal Ascorbate levels. The lectures further highlighted Pro-oxidant and Antioxidant protocols for Lyme, Mental Health, Chronic Fatigue, Pain Management, and introduced preliminary data on the novel applications of Ascorbate in Dental Surgeries.

In recent years Ms. Sher has focused on the education of biological and natural dentists in the application of Vitamin C in dental surgery and in daily oral hygiene. Ms. Sher is a pioneer in the use of Ascorbate Vitamin C for reducing chronic oxidative stress associated with periodontal infections, the connection of hypovitaminosis C to periodontal disease and systemic health, as well as Ascorbate applications in oral surgeries to improve surgical outcome in terms of tissue healing, bone regeneration, and pain management.