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Lior Sher

Lior Sher, JD, Founder and CEO of VCICI Inc. and PUR-C, LLC

Lecture Title:

Updates in Critical Vitamin C Treatment Protocols – Recent Published Literature – Therapeutic Dosing, Duration, & Distribution for Optimal Ascorbate Levels and Improved Clinical Results & Efficacy

Learning Objectives:

  1.  What did we learn from recent years on the critical Vitamin C applications for COVID, Cancer, Trauma, and Pain?
  2. Why some protocols were more effective than others?
  3. Are we chasing deficiency or providing therapeutic benefit?
  4. How can we monitor Ascorbate levels?
  5. Understanding depletion factors for optimal Ascorbate levels maintenance.
    What is the “optimal” Dose, Distribution, and Duration of Vitamin C applications and treatments?
  6. Discover the roles and functions of therapeutic Vitamin C protocols and their ability to repair, regenerate, and restore the immune system for optimal health and wellness.


Ascorbate, also known as vitamin C, plays a critical role in improving surgical outcomes due to its various beneficial effects on the body. Here are several reasons why ascorbate is important in the context of surgery:

  • Collagen synthesis: Ascorbate is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a protein that is crucial for wound healing and tissue repair. Collagen provides structural support to tissues, including skin, blood vessels, and organs. Adequate levels of ascorbate promote the formation of strong and healthy collagen, leading to improved wound healing and reduced risk of complications such as wound dehiscence (the reopening of a wound).
  • Antioxidant properties: Ascorbate is a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules produced during surgery and inflammation. By neutralizing these free radicals, ascorbate helps reduce oxidative stress and prevents cellular damage. This antioxidant activity contributes to the overall health of tissues and supports their recovery after surgery.
  • Immune system support: Ascorbate plays a vital role in supporting the immune system. It enhances the function of various immune cells, including neutrophils and lymphocytes, which are crucial for fighting off infections and promoting healing. By bolstering the immune response, ascorbate helps reduce the risk of postoperative infections and other complications.
  • Reduced risk of surgical site infections: Adequate levels of ascorbate have been associated with a decreased risk of surgical site infections. Ascorbate supports the body’s immune system, helps prevent the growth of bacteria, and assists in the formation of a protective barrier on the skin. These factors collectively contribute to reducing the risk of infections at the surgical site.
  • Enhanced wound healing: Ascorbate promotes the synthesis of new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis, which is crucial for proper wound healing. It also aids in the production of connective tissue and promotes the migration of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for creating the extracellular matrix that supports tissue repair. By facilitating these processes, ascorbate helps accelerate wound healing and improves overall surgical outcomes.


Lior Sher, JD is the Founder and Executive Director of Vitamin C Institute for Clinical Integration – (VCICI), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing vital research, and education on the critical roles and functions of Vitamin C therapies.  Lior is also the founder and co-developer of PUR-C, a leading brand of ultra-pure and premium grade Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C products currently sold exclusively to healthcare professionals worldwide. 

Lior is an attorney by training, and an inventor who holds multiple patents in the biomedical sector. She is a passionate healthcare educator, patient advocate, and an accomplished public speaker who is recognized as a leading authority on Vitamin C Therapies.  In addition, Lior is a relentless advocate for Freedom of Information, Freedom of Autonomous and Intelligent Healthcare Decision Making, and the implementation of the Transparent Informed Consent process.

Lior has written and produced numerous investigative reports on alternative news channels focusing on exposing truth and transparency in the integrative healthcare space.  During the unprecedented 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Sher conducted multiple interviews of numerous leaders in the medical and scientific community focusing on clinical trials and scientific evidence related to the efficacy of Vitamin C as an alternative or adjunctive therapy designed to mitigate and resolve the symptoms and complications associated with COVID-19.

Ms. Sher has founded and led several medical/bio-technology start-ups as their Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer.  She works closely with various Federal and State regulatory agencies, legal experts, integrative physicians, biological dentists, and holistic veterinarians to provide value to practices and patients worldwide.

Lior has developed various CME and CE accredited courses and regularly teaches at medical and dental conferences, webinars, podcasts, and in one-on-one training opportunities to private practices.  She has been dedicated to dispelling myths and providing deeper insights into the critical roles, functions, and practical applications of therapeutic High Dose Vitamin C protocols.  She has spent thousands of research hours developing comprehensive course work that offers easy to implement therapeutic Vitamin C treatment protocols. These protocols have been used for acute and chronic conditions both as a powerful antioxidant, and a selective pro-oxidant agent working synergistically with both conventional and CAM adjunct therapies. 

Lior’s unique knowledge and experiences makes her a highly sought after expert speaker where she shares her unfiltered expertise, findings, and insights to consulting medical and dental providers on High Dose Vitamin C Therapies and integrative practice development strategies.