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Vitamin C International Consortium Institute (VCICI) Attendee Exhibitor and Sponsorship Policy

Updated: February 2022

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THESE POLICIES. If you attend, exhibit or are a sponsor with VCICI, such constitutes an implicit agreement of each person’s willingness to be bound by this policy as set forth.

VCICI CHOICE OF LAW AND CHOICE OF VENUE PROVISIONS. This policy will be governed by, and construed under, the laws of the State of Florida.  Any lawsuit brought by or against VCICI arising out of or related to this policy shall be brought in the jurisdiction of the Courts of Pinellas County, Florida, as the exclusive venue for any such claims.

RESERVATIONS. Reservations shall be subject to approval by VCICI and are granted or rejected as they are received. VCICI reserves the right to decline any registration or request for reservation for any reason it deems in its discretion as appropriate. All attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors shall adhere to all VCICI policies, any applicable rules and regulations of the conference facility, and any applicable local and state laws where the conference is held. It shall be the responsibility of all attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to obtain information about local and state laws in reference to the materials to be on display.

In the event that there are a greater number of reservation requests than available space, the date the reservation is received in the VCICI office shall control. If the reservation request was initially received without the applicable deposit, then the date the deposit was received shall control. As to exhibitors and sponsors, once a registration has been accepted, the sponsors, and exhibitors shall be notified in writing of the details for shipping materials, marketing materials to attendees, hotel reservation deadlines, and any rules of the conference facility that VCICI has been notified of in advance. Electric service shall be available for an additional fee.

SPONSORSHIP. A Sponsor is not solely an exhibitor. Special recognition of our sponsors may include exposure on our app, from the podium, on our website, or from signage in designated areas.

MARKETING. As to exhibitors, at no time shall anyone distribute materials outside the designated exhibit hall or booth space. A company, organization, or individual shall not distribute any advertisement or marketing materials in any of the meeting rooms without the written consent of VCICI. 

EXHIBIT STAFF. Exhibit fees shall include two persons to staff the exhibit except and shall include admittance to the lectures, continental breakfast, breaks, and lunches on Friday and Saturday.

SHARING EXHIBIT SPACE. Exhibitors shall not permit any other party to use the assigned booth space for exhibition, solicitation, or promotion without approval of VCICI, and such use may require a sharing fee.

SPEAKERS REQUESTING EXHIBIT SPACE. Speakers who request exhibit space shall be subject to the same exhibit fees as regular exhibitors. If a speaker would like to make products available for floor sales, a standard exhibit space may be reserved at the usual fee. Speakers may choose to have a standard exhibit space at a discounted rate, in lieu of an honorarium/hotel accommodation (when applicable). In addition to covering the difference in cost, the speaker shall be required to cover any other extra costs, such as electrical service and additional attendees.

ADDITIONAL TABLES FOR EXHIBIT. Additional tables (L-shape) may be rented for an additional fee and shall be within the regular booth space allotted. Double the booth space shall require double the regular exhibiting fee.

EARLY RESERVATIONS. Registrations and requests for reservations for the next scheduled meeting may be made immediately upon the close of the current meeting. A deposit of fifty percent of the total fees shall be required to secure the exhibit space. Balance off fees shall be required no later than sixty days prior to the meeting date. Requests for exhibit space less than sixty days prior to the meeting shall require full fees to be paid at the time of the request.

SECURITY. The security and safekeeping of the exhibitor’s property shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the exhibitor. VCICI is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage of any kind.

LIABILITY. Exhibitors and sponsors covenant and agree to hold VCICI, the owners, operators, and managers of the exhibition facility, and the respective officers, agents, and employees of each (hereafter collectively referred to as “Exhibit Management”) harmless from any and all claims of liability, damage, or expense arising from any injury to or death of any person, including Exhibitor’s employees, agents, contractors, or guests or any loss of, damage to, or theft of any property. Exhibitors and sponsors also agree that Exhibit Management is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of or to any property of anyone, including Exhibitor and its employees, agents, contractors, and guests while in transit to or from the facility, while in the facility, or otherwise. Under no circumstances is the Exhibit Management liable for lost profits or other indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages for any of their acts or omissions in connection with the Event, whether Exhibit Management has been apprised of the possibility of such damages or lost profits. Exhibit Management is not liable for any errors in any listing or descriptions or for omitting Exhibitor from the Event show guide or other materials. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify all members of the Exhibit Management group for any and all expenses, attorneys’ fees, and any judgments awarded, or settlement amounts agreed to. In no event will Exhibit Management’s liability hereunder, or otherwise in connection with the event, exceed the amount actually paid to it by Exhibitor for the Space.

EXCESSIVE NOISE, MUSIC, OR DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOUR. Excessive noise, loud or vulgar language, or any conduct that VCICI deems in its sole and absolute discretion as disruptive, will not be permitted and your failure to comply will result in your right to attend, or exhibit will be revoked without warning or notice and without rebate of any fees paid by you to VCICI. 

CANCELLATION/REFUND. Cancellations made sixty days prior to the conference shall receive a Seventy-five percent refund. Cancellations fifty-nine through thirty days prior to the conference shall receive a fifty percent refund. Cancellations made less than thirty days prior to the conference and those that fail to show up for the conference shall receive no refund of monies paid.

MODIFICATIONS. Modifications to reservations may be made up to thirty days in advance of the conference. Funds for requested change shall be paid at the time of the change request. In the event that a change results in a refund such shall be made by VCICI by check or credit card. Requested changes made less than thirty days prior to the conference are at the sole and absolute discretion of VCICI. VCICI reserves the right to change its policies and pricing as it deems fit in its sole and absolute discretion without notice.

MATERIALS. Exhibitors and sponsors are responsible for the shipment of their materials to and from the meeting. The conference facility may impose handling fees for any and all costs of return shipments of any leftover materials which shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor. If you are shipping display items, you must coordinate and set them up before the exhibits are open on the first day. You must make arrangements with the conference facility to store these items for you. Common areas of the exhibit hall shall remain clear so as not to impede the flow of pedestrians or pose a safety hazard for attendees or other exhibitors. Items used for exhibiting (tables, chairs, free standing exhibit pieces, etc.) must be restricted to your immediate space and may not spill over into another exhibit area or block traffic in the walkways.

INSURANCE.  Exhibitors shall insure its materials. Each Exhibitor shall  maintain, at its sole expense, comprehensive general liability insurance  covering bodily injury and death to persons and property damage with minimum per occurrence limits of $1,000,000 and workers compensation and  employer’s liability insurance covering all those hired by Exhibitor to provide  services on its behalf with minimum limits as required by the laws of state  where exhibit will take place in addition to adequate casualty property  coverage for its property. The general liability policy shall name VCICI and the conference facility owner as additional insureds with all rights of subrogation against the facility and management waived.

SOLICITATION PROHIBITED. No solicitation of any kind shall be permitted during any VCICI event. Participants in VCICI events shall refrain from using attendee lists or similar information for solicitation purposes without the express permission of authorized VCICI personnel. 

STANDARDS FOR EXHIBITORS. In order to maintain the standards of the VCICI and its dedication to evidence-based health care, companies or organizations applying for exhibit space shall submit a company description about the products/devices/services to be exhibited. Products/devices that are FDA approved, FDA registered, or under FDA consideration, shall disclose such status on the exhibitor application.

NON-ENDORSEMENT. The exhibiting of services, products, or equipment at any VCICI event or program does not constitute an endorsement or approval by VCICI of such services, products or equipment.

DENIAL OF EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION OR PRIVILEGES. VCICI, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to reject, eject, or prohibit any exhibitor or sponsor whose mission does not fall in line with VCICI’s core values or mission.

VCICI may reject a registration from any type of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company and is at the sole discretion of VCICI.

VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY. Any individual or organization that violates this policy may be expelled from the event without refund of registration fees. Egregious or multiple violations of this policy may result in disqualification from future events at the discretion of the Board of Directors. This policy is intended to supplement but not replace any applicable state and federal laws.