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Annual C-MPOSIUM Recording – 2023

Regular Price $1,200.00

Did You Miss the Live 2023 C-MPOSIUM???

We got you covered!  
You may now purchase the conference recordings and learn and discover at your pace. 

VCICI members receive a $200.00 discount on annual conference recordings.

In addition, if you are a healthcare professional, you can now receive 13.75  Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) credits upon the completion of the recorded course. 

This year’s conference offered updates and valuable information on a variety of topics: 

  • Our founder, Lior Sher, JD presented the most recent research and updates on Oxidative Stress, Hyperinflammation, ROS, Hypovitaminosis C, and the critical role antioxidant therapies play in resolving, repairing, and regenerating the immune system and the body.  In addition, she discussed the many roles, functions, applications, and Vitamin C forms, as well as bioavailability, absorption, and tolerability, osmolarity, and other most asked and misunderstood topics.
  • Dr. Thomas Lodi shared his comprehensive approach and protocols to integrative oncology and why high dose Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C is the most important and effective therapy.
  • Dr. Richard Fleming presented his latest research and data on COVID, Cancer and Vitamin C Connection.
  • Dr. Donato Perez Garcia shared his vast experience on Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) beyond Cancer.
  • Dr. Zubin Marolia shared over three decades of expertise on the many secrets and the vast benefits of Mistletoe for Cancer.
  • Dr. Jason Sonners presented on hyperbaric oxygen, both as an antioxidant and pro-oxidant therapies, and Dr. William Pawluk presented on the benefits of PEMF for Cancer.
  • Our Biological Dentistry experts, Dr. Kelly Blodgett, and Dr. Vlad Pastouk, presented and shared new data on the most novel roles and applications of medical grade powdered Sodium Ascorbate in dentistry.  Dr. Blodgett shared the data on how incorporating Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C improves energetic flow throughout the body, and Dr. Pastouk shared preliminary data on the most novel intraoperative application of Sodium Ascorbate powder,  and its effects on pain mitigation, healing,  and bacterial burden reduction in complex oral surgeries. 
  • Dr. Veronique shared her personal experience and journey both as a healthcare provider and as a Cancer patient, on lifestyle and integrative oncology therapeutics.
  • Florida Healthcare Law Firm highlighted the most important topics on Informed Consent issues as they apply to CAM practices.

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