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Clinical Integration of Vitamin C Science Essentials

2-part 6-hour complimentary Zoom webinar on the Fundamentals of Vitamin C Therapies.

Regular Price $395.00

This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Vitamin C therapies and ask questions during a live series of lectures.

Vitamin C Therapies – History, Antioxidant and Pro-Oxidant Protocols, Practical Applications, Dosing, Myths, Facts, and Beyond:

June 11, 2024 – Tuesday – 6:00 PM EST – Part I
June 18, 2024 – Tuesday – 6:00 PM EST – Part II

All current VCICI members are offered a 2-part 6-hour complimentary Zoom webinar on the Fundamentals of Vitamin C Therapies.   As a member, you are invited to take advantage of this highly important and informative live class, and you may repeat it as many times as you wish during the year. 

The Non-Member fee is $395.00 for both sessions.

This extensive live online 6-hour class is offered only three times per year in two 3 -hour sessions. 

Supporting documentation, instructions, and protocols are available in the VCICI library.

Part I is a prerequisite to Part II and must be completed to participate in the second session.

This extensive live online 6-hour class is offered only three times per year in two 3-hour sessions.

Join us for an enlightening Vitamin C 101 class where we delve into the profound impact of this essential nutrient on overall health and well-being. Despite its proven safety and efficacy, many CAM professionals often misapply these critical therapies.

Vitamin C stands as the most potent antioxidant and serves as a co-factor for over 150 metabolic functions. In this class, you’ll discover how harnessing its power can enhance the immune system, resolve acute and chronic infections, accelerate healing, manage pain, improve surgical outcomes, reduce oxidative stress and tissue damage, mitigate allergies, enhance mental health, optimize sleep quality, alleviate chronic fatigue, bolster the microbiome, and much more.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers the historical background of Vitamin C therapies, the latest literature, dosing strategies, treatment protocols, long-term maintenance plans, and the unique benefits of Sodium Ascorbate. From practical applications in human and animal health to high-dose pro-oxidant protocols, this class equips you with invaluable knowledge to optimize oral and systemic health.

If you’ve previously attended this class as a VCICI member, consider joining us again to refresh your knowledge and glean new insights. Please note, participation via Zoom video is mandatory by 5:55 PM EST, and recordings will not be available.

Pre-registration is essential, and late arrivals will not be admitted after 6:00 PM EST. Don’t miss out on this transformative learning opportunity!

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