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Informed, Misinformed, or Simply Misled??

We all have something to learn from each other as we grow and evolve each day. Just this year, there have already been over 1500 papers published in PUBMED on Vitamin C.

Many providers believe that they are on the right track…until they discover that Vitamin C can do far more than what they often have known for years, and sometimes even decades.

Vitamin C has been in the “news” and the topic of controversy for decades. It has been safely and effectively implemented as a Cancer, Sepsis, and COVID treatment. In addition, it has shown remarkable results in wound care, trauma recovery, surgical applications, immune-boosting properties, pain management, infectious diseases, sleep disorders, mental health, addiction treatments, dental applications, and much more!

But how do you use it, combine it, or sequence it? How often, how much, and how long? Do you give it via IV, oral, nebulizer, rinse, solution, powder, tablet, liquid, or liposomal? What is optimal?

In recent years Vitamin C has become a standard protocol to address COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been great interest in exploring the role of Vitamin C as a supportive therapy for patients with severe respiratory infections. Vitamin C’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have led to investigations into its potential benefits in managing the symptoms and outcomes of COVID-19. Some clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the use of high-dose Vitamin C in COVID-19 patients. Still, the results have been mixed, and further research is needed to determine its effectiveness in this context.

Furthermore, Vitamin C has become a standard protocol to treat Vaccine related injuries.

Nevertheless, if you took 10 different protocols, none are aligned with each other, which is confusing indeed!

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